Directory Information Form

In order to better facilitate communication among the Redeemer Family, we are seeking your help in building a digital Redeemer Anglican Church Parish Directory, easily accessible by all who elect to be included. If you are a regular attender at Redeemer Anglican, or plan to be at any time in the near future, would you please complete the following form for inclusion in our directory?

As you do complete the form, please keep the following important information in mind:

Any and all information you choose to include in your responses will be made available church-wide through this digital directory. While Redeemer will make efforts to protect the information you provide, you should presume that any and all information submitted for inclusion could be accessed publicly by anyone on the Internet.

As such, please only fill out all sections you are willing to share with the larger church community (approximately 120+ individuals and growing).

In order to be included in and receive access to the directory, you must complete the first section of this form.  You will receive a password to access the directory once we have made it available as a link on our website.

Note for families and spouses: If you are married or part of a larger family at Redeemer, please complete a separate entry for each spouse or household member who would like to make their specific contact information available.

If not married, simply leave blank
Primary Phone Number
Primary Phone Number
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Mailing Address
Preferred Method of Communication
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