To the extent that you are able, practice Lent with with your church family. Begin with an Ash Wednesday service and receive the sign of the cross on your forehead - reminding you of your own mortality. Use this little booklet to read scripture and confess your sin each day. (You’ll notice that the themes for confession each week track with our Ephesians sermon series.) Participate in a Small Group and discover that you are not alone in your struggle. Remember to keep the balance between fasting and discipline on Mondays-Saturdays and feasting on Sundays. Plan ahead for Holy Week, so that we can walk through Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday together as a church. 


What we hope you’ll find is that, as we enter into these practices together, God’s grace for us is more abundant than we previously thought. We’ll try together and we’ll fail together, then we’ll confess our sins together and be forgiven together. When we come out on the other side, into a bright Easter morning, we’ll find ourselves closer to Christ and closer to each other.