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We are blessed to have Will Fogleman and Emily Burlingame volunteering to lead our students in Bible study and prayer every Sunday morning at 9am. If you would like to learn more about Redeemer’s Youth Ministry. Feel free to contact either of them via email.

Emily Burlingame:
Will Fogleman:



Incarnation | We are convinced that the lifeblood of ministry for our young people is not found primarily in the quantity of information communicated, but in the quality of the relationships that are developed. Therefore, we are committed to both one-on-one and small group times as the basis for discipleship interactions. Our volunteers not only lead the Breakfast and Bible Study, but also seek to spend time with students "on their turf" at school, in the home, on the athletic field, etc. Just as Christ came to us in love, so we believe that our adult leaders are to move towards our students in love. 

Formation | We believe that the teenage years are some of the most formative, and therefore, important years of a person's life. Redeemer's Youth Ministry takes seriously the role we have to play in the formation of a young person's affections, beliefs, and habits. 

  • Affections - What do I love and desire? 

  • Beliefs - What story do I believe about God, myself, and the world? 

  • Practices - How are my affections and beliefs re-ordering my daily and weekly habits? 

Participation | Teenagers are vital members of our church family and therefore students are invited and encouraged to participate fully in the worship and mission of the church. Therefore, students are strongly engaged to participate with the adults in congregational worship, small groups, and service to others.