Why the name?

The word incarnation (“in the flesh”) reminds us that when we were lost, far off from God, dying in our own sin, God came to where we were, in the flesh, to rescue us.  That’s how much he loves us!  His people, the church, are now called to go in the flesh, as the very presence of Jesus, to rescue those who are still lost, broken, and dying.  The word “incarnation” reminds us of this fundamental reality of the gospel.

Why short pump?

Western Henrico County is full of people who need the gospel.  There are more kids per home there than anywhere else in the Richmond area, and if there aren’t good churches there discipling whole families, the next generation will suffer greatly.  A faithful, vibrant church in the Short Pump area has the ability to transform thousands of lives over the next couple generations.


Meet the breedlove Family!

We are delighted to commission the Rev. Steven Breedlove, his wife Courtney, and their three children: Steven, Sam, and Claire to lead the team that will establish Church of the Incarnation in Short Pump.

Learn more

If you would like to learn more about the vision, mission, and values for Church of the Incarnation, just click the button below to download a PDF with more information.