We gather for worship at 10 a.m. on Sunday mornings
on the corner of Grove & Boulevard
{2715 Grove Ave}

When you visit, here are some things that you will experience with us. The worship service is rich with metaphor, symbolism and wisdom passed down through the ages. When we worship, we join the millions of Christians about the world and the billions throughout history who have worshipped God using the following rhythms.


The service begins with a procession following the cross. This is symbolic of the posture of our lives. We are a people who follow the cross of Jesus. 


We sing both the ancient hymns of the church as well as newly written songs. In our congregational singing, we seek to reflect dual realities: we are connected with Christians throughout history and we are a people seeking to live faithfully in Richmond. Both the past and the present come through in our songs of worship to God. 


Every week, we hear God's Word read out loud—
both from the Old Testament and the New Testament.

God's word is expounded for the benefit of the congregation.  
The goal is to help us more faithfully follow Jesus.


One of the historic creeds of the Christian church is said in unison—
we are reminding ourselves and each other of the Gospel story.


Every week, we pray for each other, our city, and our world—
asking God to show His grace to all people and believing that he hears us.

Prayers of
the People

The Gospel sets us free to tell the truth about ourselves.  
We confess our sins and hear the good news of God's forgiveness in Jesus.

Confession &

Rising from confession, we remind each other that God has made peace with us through Jesus.


Having experienced God's generosity to us, we reflect His generosity by giving our money away.



The bread and wine is prayed over as we prepare to come to the Lord's Table.

We pray together using the words that Jesus taught us.

Lord's Prayer

We come forward and eat the bread and drink the wine of Holy Communion.  In this moment, we are being spiritually fed by Jesus.


Having been taught by God's Word and fed at God's Table, we are commissioned to go out into the world to do God's work in every area of our lives.


As we followed the cross into worship, so we follow it out into the world.  This symbolizes Jesus going before us.