Redeemer Anglican Church exists as a multi-generational family of Christians who gather around a Common Hope, share a Common Role and embrace Common Priorities. We want you to know that you are warmly invited to visit us, get to know us and - when ready - to join our community. The following language is a good summary of who we are and why we exist. 


Common Hope

To see God redeem us, our neighbors, and our city with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Common Role

Receive the redemption of Jesus with gratitude.

Embody the redemption of Jesus in our worship and communal life.

Extend the redemption of Jesus to our neighbors and our city through our service and work.

Common Priorities

Outward Focus

We prioritize the spiritual, relational, emotional, and physical needs of those who are not yet members of our community.


We seek to reach those ambivalent or hostile to God by equipping and empowering leaders to serve as ambassadors for the Gospel in every area of their lives. This mission is passed on through the biblical and historic church practice of relational discipleship: leaders who equip and train other leaders. 

Spiritual Formation

We engage the historic Christian practices of corporate liturgical-worship, Bible reading and the spiritual disciplines as we continually seek to be conformed to the image of Christ. 

Household Community

We desire to work and rest, fast and feast, learn and worship, celebrate and suffer together as one diverse, extended, multi-generational household.


We resist the cultural trends of busyness, distraction and media-saturation because we want to prioritize our call to be faithfully present in our families, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces and city.