We aim to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which kids can: 
learn the story of the Bible, be discipled by caring adults & participate in the worship life of our church.  



We are convinced that the Bible gives children a true-story-in-which-to-find-themselves. By learning the stories of scripture, memorizing Bible verses and stepping back to see the overall story of Creation-Fall-Redemption-New Creation, we hope that our children will grow to love Jesus and become thoughtful Christians who have the tools to navigate our culture redemptively. 



Over 1/3 of the adults in our congregation volunteer with REDEEMER KIDS! We hope to continue to cultivate the conviction that we all have a spiritual responsibility for all of the kids in our church family.  Volunteers are not primarily program-runners or Sunday-school-teachers. Rather, their role it to disciple  kids through building real, Jesus-centered relationships with them. 



Because we are convinced that children are a vital part our church as children, we want to help them participate in as much of the service as possible. Kids participate in the singing, prayers and listening to scripture before leaving the service for a 40 minute, age-appropriate lesson (for kids 8 yrs and under). They then return to the service to receive communion with their family.   

If you have any questions please contact Nancy Reynolds.