Foundations, Part I: The Drama of Scripture

The story of the Bible can be summarized by four major movements that all point towards the one, grand, over-arching theme of the entire Bible. The four major movements are: Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration → The creation of the world by God, the total fall into the corruption of sin by human rebellion, the redemption brought about by Jesus' death and resurrection, and the restoration of all things by God in the last days. To what theme do these movements point? → That God, as the main character of the Bible's story has been and is on a mission. He created the world and humanity for a purpose. When the world and humanity fell into corruption by human rebellion, He pursued humanity like a Father looking for a lost child. When humanity rejected Him, He became one of us so that He might absorb the punishment our rebellion deserves. He still pursues rebellious human beings today and for the purpose of welcoming them into His family. He has promised to, one day, restore the whole universe to peace, goodness, justice, and beauty. This is the story of the Bible and the mission of God.

Assigned Reading for Part II:
Read "Part I: Echoes of a Voice" in Simply Christian by N. T. Wright.