Christ Exiled for Us

Scripture Text: Micah 2:1-13; Luke 4:14-21

We will spend a number of weeks in repentance in preparation to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus at Easter. The themes of Lent are sobering, reflective, contemplative, lamenting, grieving, and repenting. It is a time to come before God in humility - acknowledging our weakness and need. For when we do this, the celebration of Easter is all the sweeter just like the taste of food is best to the hungriest person. So Lent is a time of discipline. The colors are subdued and dark.... descending to Good Friday when everything fades to black.

Redeemer will be studying the Old Testament prophet of Micah during these weeks as a means of connecting with God's people who were disciplined by God via exile from His land. We will talk about what it means to be a people living in Exile - estranged from God, ourselves, each other and even our land.